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Since its establishment in 1961, Takahashi Suisan has been operating its freezing plants in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture and Choshi City, Chiba Prefecture.
 We sort, package, and quick-freeze locally landed fish resources such as sardines, mackerels, sardines, and bonito to meet the needs of the times, and supply them to our customers.
 Delicious, healthy, safe and secure fish have long enriched the tables and lives of the Japanese people. Today, Japan’s frozen marine products are attracting attention from around the world. As the scope of distribution becomes wider, we feel that our roles and responsibilities are also becoming wider and heavier.
 As a member of the local community and a company that supports the “food” infrastructure, we will continue our business rooted in the local community to play a part in this social mission.

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We give assurance of supplying freezing marine products in the very best quality in the world.

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